Saturday, December 5, 2009

“Can’t Wait for Summer!”(fund raiser to establish YOUTH FESTIVAL 2010)

“Can’t Wait for Summer!” is a fund raiser to establish YOUTH FESTIVAL 2010, a 3 day concert to help support youth centers and numerous youth orientated charitable organizations in Colorado next summer. The extremely talented kids that have become members are excited and can not wait until summer to meet each other and rock out, so we are inviting all, including sponsors, media, veteran bands and musicians, respected members of the music industry and local and State politicians to come and have a pre-summer look and listen to some of the hottest young bands and artists in the USA. Gotta Lovett Promotions has established a special escrow account to provide for the necessary operating expenses, funding to rent a venue, and provide travel and accommodations for musically talented, but destitute children from around the world to Colorado next summer. Contribute whatever comes to your heart to Gotta Lovett Promotions, 306 N. Cascade Ave., Suite 7, Colorado Springs, CO. 80903. For more information call Ray Lovett at (719) 271-6789, or email me at

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