Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Albert Loma for District 11 School Board, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Remember Nicky Cruz?! He's still around! Strong! Making a movie in fact! Called "Run Baby Run". The Nicky Cruz Story!
Check Nicky's web site http://www.runbabyrunmovie.com/. Remember Nicky's "Truce" event in Colorado a few years ago? Sure you do! Albert Loma and Victory Outreach Colorado Springs helped Nicky make “Truce” what it is today and was one of many factors that made Colorado Springs home to Al and his family in 1997! Please join me and vote for Albert Loma for the District 11 School Board. Mail-in ballots distributed Oct. 13th!
Al is a man just like Nicky Cruz. A man that sincerely cares!
Ray Lovett

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