Monday, September 7, 2009

Music promotions/merchandise

Advertising doesn’t come cheap these days and you rarely get any guarantees about how many people are actually looking at your logo or reading your print ads. With marketing pushes often requiring a small fortune and little innovation we offer you an innovative alternative. The idea has been there for decades but very few understand the benefits to creative advertising methods.
Whisper Fiercely and Gotta Lovett Promotions has a street team of professional networkers who distribute flyers in conjunction with local music events. You have the chance to sponsor events in and around the Denver metro area in support of local music, creating greater visibility for your business. The prices are affordable and the distribution methods are unmatched and wildly successful. Check out our Ad Rates you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
Complete Package
This is the full gambit of concert community level promotions set in an affordable package that covers the entire spectrum of marketing for your business. This package includes print, radio and apparel promotions listed below:
5000 Flyers
5000 Tickets
500 Posters
100 T-shirts
¼ page ad in Music Buzz
25 Prime Radio Slots on selected radio
Banner at the show
All inclusive= $5000
Other packages are available for those that want to participate but are unable to support community and education at that level.
Media Package
This package encompasses the main stream media buys. Both print and Radio are included and can be adjusted to fit your space requirements. Please note these adjustments will change the cost of the package:
¼ pg ad in Music Buzz for 2 months
25 slots during prime time plus/designated radio station.
Media Package=$3600
Print Package
This package covers a portion the print products for the event including t-shirts. We would be happy to show you how you can track the return on this investment.
5000 flyers
5000 tickets
500 posters
100 T-shirts
Print package=$1400
1000 flyers= $125
2000 flyers= $175
3000 flyers =$225
4000 flyers= $275
5000 flyers= $325
10,000 flyers= $575
1000 tickets=$110
2000 tickets=$160
3000 tickets=$210
4000 tickets=$260
5000 tickets=$300
500 show posters=$350
100 T-shirts=$600
All sponsorships include banner display, your ad on one side of the full color high gloss flyers and discounted rates that month on Music Buzz advertising.

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